Ms. Sherene John

"Duchess Club offers a platform for women from varied backgrounds to come togther and bond, in the process of participating in varied activities, which include Fun & Leisure, Travel & Adventure, Fashion & Fitness, Knowledge sharing & social service. In the last 7 years that I have been member, I have formed great friendships with several other members and the Duchess Club monthly meeting is an important part of my calendar, which I keenly look forward to participating in".

Ms. Shylaja Arunkumar

The Duchess Club is a fertile, friendly and non judgmental confluence of dynamic female minds. It provides a space that helps us evolve- multifaceted, with dimensions-that are, ours own to set.Here Style and Substance match in a boisterous environment, standing testimony to the female species' verve and gusto.

Niranjana Jacob

The Duchess Club is an exciting place to be, where one is able to make friends easily. Nobody is judgmental here and everyone accepts you for who you are. In a few words, I would like to say that it allows women to be………. Determined, Understanding, Committed, Hardworking, Evolve, Supportive, Socially responsible
Confident, Loving, United, Bond

The Duchess Club is like an extended family. I look forward to meeting up with other members every month. There’s always fun, laughter and excitement in the air. Most of all, it allows me to be…… Myself.