Ms.Suhasini Mani Ratnam

Multifaceted Personality, Versatile actor and above all a warm & affectionate person. Ms.Suhasini Mani Ratnam has been involved in our club activities by helping us to get speakers, inspiring new ideas for meetings & constantly encouraging & motivating us

Dr. Prithika Chary

Our friend, philosopher and guide always there to provide advice on any issue. Dr. Prithika Chary has organized many workshops on creative karma, women’s health expo, the “Secrets” by Rhonda Byne. Her innovative ideas have helped us to evolve. The Duchess Club not only admires her professional side but also appreciates her personal rapport with us and our families.


Fondly referred to as our “Amma”. Ms.Sivasankari has been a major pillar of strength with her emotional and encouraging talks. She makes anyone she meets feel special. The Club has had the privilege to launch her books. An evergreen speaker, she can enthrall you with her talks. Her affection and motherly love keeps the child in us alive.

Ms. Anita Ratnam

Ms. Anita Ratnam has always supported us for our cultural and dance programmes. In spite of her hectic schedule as a versatile danseuse, her elegance and beauty has always been awe-inspiring.