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Curry Town

A peek into the history of North Indian cuisines Indian cuisines reflect a 5000 years history of various cultures interacting with it. This has largely influenced the cuisines of India. Which is why there is a vast difference in not just the style or culinary methods but more so in the use of spices, flavors and importantly the stronghold of certain dishes. The cultural fabric of food in India is anything but homogeneous. The Portuguese, Persians and the British have made important contributions to the Indian culinary scene, especially the North India. There has also been Central Asian influence on North Indian cuisine for years of Mughal rule. The core of North Indian cuisine, however, is the style drawn from the undivided India influenced by neighboring states of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The quintessential destination for the taste of north At Curry Town, guided by Chef Jugesh Arora, we have meticulously selected the best of North to present the most delightful culinary experience. The menu consists of favorites from the varied range of cuisines and prepared in a manner keeping its tradition and ethnicity alive. Chef Jugesh Arora has crafted a mix of Ghar and Galli ka khanna. This way you can enjoy the richness of the flavors of each dish emulating its original recipe. Chef Jugesh Arora is known for his commitment and passion for culinary profession. With more than 30 years of experimental and evolving experience, he has designed and crafted and executed telling cuisine experiences for many hotels across India. He is a winner of the Golden Hat award and expert culinary consultant. Enjoy the experience the height of dining pleasure.

Level 11 Open for dinner only (7 pm to 12 midnight).

Contact - Shahid (Phone - 9710947347)

SAVERA HOTEL, 146, Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, Chennai – 600004 India

Phone : +91 - 44 - 2811 4700   Fax : +91 - 44 - 2811 3475