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The Brew Room

The Brew Room is the new Cafe at Savera Hotel offering the finest in crafted coffees. A garden restaurant with a coffee house. Very European in attitude but a global Indian by heart. The Brew Room offers Specialty Coffees, Italian Coffees, Cold Coffees, Teas, Beverages, Fitness Beverages, Executive Breakfast (Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian), Fitness Breakfast, Specialty Breakfast, Soups, Salads, Pastas, Handcrafted Sandwiches, Sliders, Cookies, Tarts, Cakes, Cup Cakes, Brownies, Ice Creams and Sorbets.

Marc from Barcelona is better known as the Coffee Man with his vast knowledge of the world coffees and blends is a part of The Brew Room culinary team to bring in the world class coffee experience.

The Brew Room brings world coffees within the reach of coffee connoisseurs. Taste the difference...

    Blend has several options. But the best is summarized in eight methods at The Brew Room.

    The South Indian Kaapi
    The Turkish Coffee
    Italian Espressos
    Aeropress is a fairly new method developed in the US
    Chemex, invented by a German chemist
    The Siphon, brewing with vacuum
    The French Press
    Cold drip

SAVERA HOTEL, 146, Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, Chennai – 600004 India

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